What a crazy season of life!  I love this bustling time of holidays, parties, dinners, and projects, but I haven't taken the time to paint in far too long.  Back in August I painted two pieces to auction off at a fundraising benefit for I'm With Beka; they sent Beka Oakley to an Endometriosis specialist who changed her life and performed a surgery that took away the debilitating pain she was  living with every day for 10 years.  An amazing thing to be a part of, and even more incredible to see the change in Beka's life and those around her.  Needless to say, it was a great excuse to paint, so I thought I'd share the two paintings here to remind myself to find excuses to sit down and get creative!

"Be Brave" Acrylic on canvas.

"A Moment in Yellow" watercolor.