What started out as a last minute collaboration to take advantage of a random mutual day off turned into one of the coolest art inspired shoots I've had the pleasure of working on. 


I had a last minute shoot reschedule and ended up with a free Saturday and nothing to do, so I shot a text to photographer Brenna Gentry...  "Hey, are you up for a shoot? I'm hungry for creativity, so I'll spend Saturday painting,  but if you're up for it, I'd love to put a shoot together."  She suggested a watercolor inspired photoshoot! Brilliant!  So now we had 3 days to come up with a plan, background, and secure a model.  Literally 11pm on Friday night, I'm sitting on my dining room floor painting an old curtain panel, trying to keep my cats from tracking paw prints through it, and I get a text confirming a model for the next morning.  Maggie N. was absolutely perfect, and has possibly the most flawless skin on the face of the planet...a lovely canvas.

photo 1.JPG

Everything fell into place as I painted Maggie and "chalked" her hair with powders, we rigged up my backdrop in Brenna's backyard, and shot in the fleeting moments of sunshine we got throughout the nasty humid clouds of the day. 

photo 2 (1).JPG

Everyone left thrilled with the outcome and impatient for the final shots. Then a few weeks later, tragedy struck... Just as Brenna finished editing the last of the photos, the entire shoot disappeared from her computer AND backup!    After much time, stress, and money, she was finally able to recover smaller file versions of some of the original photos.  She painstakingly re-edited each one in their smaller format, and was able to mostly save our shoot!  They're smaller than we'd like, but at least they exist!

So after far too much effort, here's to the surviving representation of one of our favorite shoots!  :-)